says $1 for a report, automatically charges you $18.95 every month! Tried it twice an BOTH times it did it! then they try to tell you that's what you signed up for! so when it says a $1, better check your credit card, these scammers are taking it to ya every month! Had...
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They didn't scam me. I read things FIRST. Everything. Always. It's all in there somewhere. This website (not QUOTE : "sight") is not owned and operated by the same entity ; th...

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The same thing happened to me. I thought I was going to be charged $1 for the report that I requested checking on someone that hit me whether they had insurance or not. I was charged by VinRecordscheckcom 855-549-1882CA. I was only supposed to be charged $1 but was...
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Thought this to good to be true. Can't understand why people have to try to take advantage of other people on the internet. Beleive me if I could I would cause you a digital m...


They are still in operation. They still promise a report for a $1. What is too good to be true is usually too good to be true. THis is why I looked for reviews online. Thank y...

They said that I signed up for the "upgraded" version. No I didn't. I clicked on the $1.00 offer. They charged me a dollar then later on started an $18 recurring charge. I emailed back and asked for an immediate refund and to stop future charges. I tagged my Mastercard...
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Larry Bieb

Same thing happened clicked on the $1.00 and was charged $19.00 Just a big lead on so they can get you hooked and then charge you this out rages up grade that you didn't ask f...


Carhistory Us Org - DON'T GO NEAR THEM --

Went on website but put into which I didn't catch until after I paid $1 for their report. They printed out my email address along with my password. I emailed them to immediately remove my email along with my password in their office along with any other sites they passed this information onto. Received email that they cancelled my fee of $18.95 for their volume discount package for 12 months of reports. I did not sign up or authorize such a service. Received a 2nd email that they are refunding $18.95 and cancelling my account. Contacted my credit card company about this devious company.
Yesterday, I just searched for a free car report for my own car. I want to sell my car and I want to offer the report to the potential customers. Then I was directed to its website. I was attracted by free report but then I was told I should pay 1 dollar. Then I did....
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I figured hey why not maybe they fixed it. It does say "1.00$" at the check out page. Boy do I wish I had listened to the reviews. I got charged 18.95. Only option they gave me was to cancel my account. But I still got charged....
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Bastards should be put in jail! When I find them they will get up and close with my ball ping hammer! Bottom dwellers that belong in jail!

Used this yesterday. Figured it would be worth $1. Just checked bank statement and was charged $18.95. Total scam.
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Yup, I have images of them stating it is only $1 for the report and then took out $18.95 out my account plus a $1 processing fee. I'm talking to my attorney about this now. BE...


Carhistory Us Org - Was supposed to get complete info/background on my outback

Date:10/25/2018. Did not get resources I needed for insurance claim. Website said to 'click on Andy's pic on bottom' and nothing happened. Unable to contact rhem.
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Carhistory Us Org - SCAM!!!

I caught it right away they charged 18.95 under another company name had to contact credit card company canceled card. Wish we could stop these deceptive practices. Only way is Cash deals in person.

Contact Carhistory Us Org

Mailing Address:
Nevada Car Reports, LLC
1521 Concord Pike, #301
Wilmington, Delaware 19803
United States
(855) 482-6465
After entering the VIN and answering a bunch of questions then waiting for the fancy data collecting as I expected, it wasn't free at all; a one dollar fee was required. My credit card information was required. I check with other users and heeded the warnings! Don't...
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